I'm an educator, entrepreneur, and advocate working at the intersection of leadership, technology, and healthcare while pursuing my Ph.D. at Lesley University. My new book chapter "Enacting Leadership: Catalyzing Women's Entrepreneurial Success" will be published by Vernon Press in August 2024. In 2022, I launched Endeara (https://endeara.health), a start-up focused on pregnant women facing serious challenges in accessing quality care due to socioeconomic factors, ethnicity, or disability. Endeara participated in Masschallenge’s 2022 Maternal-Child Equity Program, benefiting from invaluable guidance and feedback from experts, bringing us closer to turning this mission into reality. Additionally, I am honored to now serve as a MassChallenge Expert Judge, contributing to the selection of semi-finalists for the HealthTech and Early-Stage programs.

As part of my academic work, I also strive to improve the well-being of populations and shed light on the obstacles they face. As part of my last talk, I had the honor of speaking at the Human Development and Capability Conference in Antwerp, Belgium. My talk, titled "In Between Worlds," focused on the struggles of marginalized individuals who are denied recognition and dignity due to their so-called 'discrediting attributes.' I discussed how institutions and dominant structures discount the voices of these communities. It was a valuable opportunity to address the profound isolation experienced in liminal circumstances, where individuals lack the capability to express themselves and take action. The conference theme was "Capabilities and Transformative Institutions," and I was grateful for the chance to contribute to such an esteemed event.